Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a popular method of the oxygenation of the body with highly concentrated oxygen, administered in the atmosphere of increased pressure. The treatment of oxygenation at the cellular level increases body efficiency and accelerates regeneration processes. That is why it is an effective and also natural and non-invasive method of treatment of diseases, but not only.

Oxygen treatments  in the hyperbaric chamber  are recommended  for athletes and for those with
cardiological, neurological, oncology, orthopedic and dermatological diseases and in sports medicine.
We recommended it to people who do not suffer from diseases to improve their immunity, sleep quality or skin appearance, as well as general well-being.
Hyperbaric chambers located in our salons are treatments in big, soft chambers under the pressure of 1,3 atm. The oxygen is administered at a concentration of 93% throughout a disposable mask. The device is desinfected with UV lamp after every client.

We guarantee safety during the procedure. Trained, certified  personnel will perform it appropriately.

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