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Our cosmetics

Based on our experience, we have developed our own line of organic cosmetics that, thanks to their amazing properties, will take you straight to an exotic Balinese island. Deeply moisturizing natural oil, massage candles and sugar scrub can be purchased at any Thai Bali Spa salon.

Masaż olejkowy

Massage oil

100 ml

Discover our natural, completely vegan oil composed on the basis of olive oil, grapeseed oil and sesame oil. Ideal for both massaging and moisturizing your skin. The scent, which is released under the influence of heat, will further enhance your experience, bringing you with your thoughts to the Thai Bali Spa.

Available in four fragrances:
Juicy Mango, Green Tea, Fresh Citrus, Grapefruit.


200 ml

This is the ideal cosmetic for your daily body care. It perfectly cleanses, oxygenates and nourishes all skin types. After its use, the face is brightened and the colour is balanced. Our scrub is made on the basis of olive oil, grape oil and natural essential oils, which makes it safe and desirable for daily skin care.

Masaż świecą aromatyczną

Massage candle

200 ml

Created on the basis of almond butter and natural essential oils, the candle can be used for a joint massage or just smell nice. When heated, it does not burn or stick, but takes on the consistency of an oil that can be used to massage the body – then it releases natural essential oils that intensify the sensations and perfectly moisturize. Available in four fragrance versions: juicy mango, green tea, fresh citrus, grapefruit.

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