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Thai and Balinese massages,

that we offer in our salons will give your body the relaxation and regeneration it deserves. Performed with the utmost care, the rituals and treatments will also soothe your nerves after the hardships of everyday life, making you feel, at least for a moment, like in paradise.

Relaxing massages

Couple's Massage

A couples massage at Thai Bali Spa is a unique experience that allows you to share moments of relaxation and unwind together. In a cozy, comfortably furnished room, two therapists take care of your bodies, providing harmony and balance. This is the perfect option for couples wanting to spend quality time together in a luxurious atmosphere, nurturing both body and relationship. You can choose from Thai, Balinese, or back, shoulder, and head massages. Individuals may select different types of massages, but they are performed in the same room.

Firming Massage

The firming massage using Phlov balm is an innovative service that combines microcirculation-stimulating techniques with advanced lipo-transformation technology encapsulated in the YO-YO DE-ACTIVATOR formula. This synergy not only aids in reducing unwanted cellulite but also improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, preparing the body for the upcoming warmer months. It’s ideal for any woman who wants to feel beautiful and confident in her skin, ready for spring and summer challenges!

Thai and Balinese Massages

Thai Bali Spa is a haven of well-being and relaxation. Our specialty is Oriental massages performed by certified, experienced therapists from Thailand and Bali. Our clients can choose from a variety of massages that all share a common denominator of Asian tradition. Relaxing, intensive regenerative, and warming massages take place in elegant, atmospheric interiors, accompanied by gentle music.

Relaxing Massages

The properties of a relaxing massage include improving well-being, mood, and physical relaxation. Gentle movements by the masseuse stimulate the body to release endorphins, boost blood circulation, and help with lymph drainage, which prevents swelling. These are recommended for everyone needing a break from daily life.

In the Thai Bali Spa massage salons, we perform professional Balinese massage and soothing foot massages (reflexology). Expectant mothers are invited for a safe pregnancy massage.

Intensive Massages

We particularly recommend our intensive massages to athletes and those exposed to prolonged physical effort. Firm grips by the masseuse help to release muscle tension, relax deep body tissues, improve joint mobility, and support overall musculoskeletal regeneration.

Our traditional Thai massage combines elements of yoga, acupressure, classic physiotherapeutic massage, and Japanese Shiatsu technique. We also offer a deeply relaxing massage of the back, shoulders, and head – perfect as prevention for pain and discomfort associated with forced body posture (sitting or standing jobs).

Warming Massages

A massage with hot stones or an aromatic candle is a way to enhance the relaxing and pain-relieving effects of the treatment. We especially recommend these to individuals suffering from rheumatic ailments and everyone wanting to boost their body’s natural immunity.

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