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Aroma candle massage

Massage with an aromatic candle soothes the senses and the body. The scents floating in the office, coming from essential oils heated by a candle flame, immediately relax. Nourishing, warm, natural wax and the touch of a masseur deepen the effect of relaxation. Massage brings relief to tense muscles and allows you to completely relax. It is a safe treatment for anyone who feels overwhelmed by everyday life.

Perfect for:

  • is tense or stressed
  • you want to improve the condition of your skin

Health properties:

  • Fatigue reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • Neutralization of free radicals
  • Deep and long-lasting skin hydration
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Tissue nutrition
  • Visible improvement in well-being
  • Relieving tense muscles

Authentic experiences thanks to Asian therapists

Aroma candle massage - for whom is it suitable?

Special massage candles are made of natural oils and beeswax. Melted wax is pleasantly warm, allows for comfortable massaging of the skin, and when absorbed, saturates it with vitamins, beneficial fatty acids, moisturizing ingredients and prevents water loss from the epidermis. It is therefore suitable for people who want to improve the condition of the skin, especially in the period from autumn to spring, when it is often dry. It is also a massage for people who are tense, stressed, prone to worrying and insomnia. Today, it is actually difficult to find someone who does not feel tension in the body and does not complain about reduced well-being, which is why everyone can try a massage with an aromatic candle.

Aromatherapy candle massage - how it goes?

Combining massage with aromatherapy brings double benefits – for the body and for the mind. On the one hand, the skin becomes deeply moisturized, smooth, elastic and nourished. It is protected against drying out and free radicals are neutralized. After regular treatments, you can also notice that the visibility of cellulite has decreased. Thanks to the treatments, muscle tension is reduced, which is why the effect of a massage with an aromatic candle may be less frequent headaches and backaches. The oils used in the massage have clear, but soothing scents, causing deep relaxation, improvement of well-being, a surge of energy and vitality.

The scent of candles - a massage with aromatherapy

The stimulating scent that floats in the massage room comes directly from the candle. This, after burning, melts, and the warm, oily wax is suitable for rubbing into the skin. It does not burn, does not dry on the skin, but creates a pleasant, moisturizing and nourishing layer and helps to maintain proper hydration of the body. What’s more, the oils used in aromatic massage candles contain antioxidants that effectively prevent skin aging. Aromatic candle massage begins with the wax being melted, and then the masseur spreads it gently all over the body. During the treatment, various relaxation massage techniques are used: smearing, minimal pressure, rubbing tense muscles. During the entire ceremony, the scent is clearly perceptible, it is also pleasantly warm, which additionally has a positive effect on the mood.

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