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Natural Beauty by Levann & Phlov

Levann and Phlov are brands created by Anna Lewandowska, which promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Firming Massage using a cosmetic product from the Phlov brand is an innovative service that combines techniques stimulating microcirculation and skin firming with the advanced anti-cellulite properties of the Yo-Yo DE-ACTIVATOR product. This synergy not only supports the reduction of unwanted cellulite but also improves skin elasticity and smoothness, preparing the body for the upcoming warmer months.

Also, take advantage of a special promotion on Yo-Yo DE-ACTIVATOR, Levann “jA” No Cellulite, and Levann “jA” Ashwagandha KSM-66® products, which are available in our salons at very attractive prices.

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