Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Making a booking is possible in two ways:

– booking an appointment online via our website

– direct contact with the salon of your choice

To book a massage for two people, you need to call the salon of your choice.

You can purchase a voucher in person at any salon in paper form, by paying cash on the spot, online shop or online by paying by bank transfer. You will then need to send a confirmation to: along with the type of massage and the name of the person for whom the massage is to be given.

Unfortunately not, we don’t extend gift vouchers.

We offer three price categories when it comes to basic massages:

  • Thai or back, shoulders and head
  • Balinese and for pregnant women
  • Hot stones, stamps and scented candle

If you choose a massage from the last category, you can match any of them or swap them with another from the others. And so, the massages listed second can be selected from among them or those listed highest, which are only selectable in item one (if it is the price for them that will be paid).

Payment at the salon can be made in cash or by card. 

you can take a shower or a warm bath 

dress in such a way that you feel comfortable and undress 

before the treatment do not consume hard to digest meals 1-2 hours before the massage or drinks with a high caffeine content (this affects the nervous system and can make it difficult to achieve the relaxing effect)

do not wear make-up or make up fully removed if the massage involves your face

remove jewellery from your neck, ears, wrists and fingers to make it easier for the masseuse to reach these areas

tie your hair up so that it doesn’t disturb you or the masseur

do not drink alcohol or take drugs before the massage

How do I prepare for my first visit? What is worth knowing?

In addition to following the tips above, you can communicate before your visit if and if there are any parts of your body that you do not want massaged. This is all to make you feel comfortable. 


If you have not opted for a massage for two, you will be massaged alone in the treatment room, you will be given disposable clothing for the duration of the therapy and you can relax from everyday life while listening to soothing music.

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