Relaxation massage – what effects does it have?

Relaxation massages can be an effective antidote to everyday worries, constant tension and insomnia. They last for several minutes, but during the treatments you can completely relax. The mind is cleansed, the scents wafting through the parlour affect not only the sense of smell, but also the mind. Sometimes an exotic massage is like being in a spa or on holiday. Learn about the benefits of a relaxation massage and choose one that best suits your needs.

What is a relaxation massage?

A relaxing massage performed by a masseur can focus on different parts of the body, such as the neck and back, but it can also cover the whole body, from the neck to the tips of the toes. During a massage, various techniques of touch and pressure on the muscles are used. These can include stroking, kneading, rubbing, and patting with the hands. The masseur’s movements are usually smooth and slow, allowing you to relax and surrender to the pleasure without limits. The relaxing massage uses oils and lotions that have a soothing scent and moisturise and firm the skin.

Relaxation massage – effects

The purpose of a relaxation massage is not only to put the person being massaged into a relaxed state. It also relieves a lot of pain, e.g. after injuries, accidents or too much training. It also improves metabolism, which speeds up fat burning and blood supply to the body, thus preventing blood clots. The stimulated lymphatic system removes toxins from the body faster, and immunity to viral and bacterial diseases increases.

How is a relaxation massage performed?

A relaxation massage is intended to calm the mind, relieve excess stress that occurs every day and calm thoughts. The touch of another person has a beneficial effect on the psyche, pleasant scents can float in the salon and quiet, relaxing music comes out of the speakers. During the treatment, scented oils are often used to further enhance the atmosphere and make the massage more pleasant. They also alleviate dry skin and firm the body. During a relaxing massage, the client lies or sits in loose clothing or with a towel while the masseur strokes, presses and rubs the body.

Actually, any massage can be considered relaxing, and among them stand out Thai or Balinese massages, the technique of which is slightly different from the usual massage. The massage is more intensive and the masseur does not always use oils or lotions. It is therefore worth learning about the different massage techniques and choosing the treatment that best suits your needs.

Types of relaxation massage

Classic massage 

Is performed with the whole hand, thumbs or knuckles of the hand. During the treatment, the masseur kneads, caresses and strokes the skin. The classic massage improves circulation and metabolism and induces a state of relaxation.

Shiatsu massage 

Known since ancient China, but only became widespread in the 20th century. Its purpose is to restore the proper flow of Chi energy in the body and thus make it function properly. The masseur does not use oils, but his hands, elbows and knees.

Hot stone massage 

Warm stones are placed on energy points and then moved along the channels through which energy flows through the body. The hot stone massage calms and boosts the body’s immunity.

Aromatherapy massage 

Performed with the help of oils individually selected to suit the individual person. It calms, puts you in a positive mood and heals you. The oils contain therapeutic substances, not just fragrances.

Chocolate massage 

A classic massage, but with the help of cream and chocolate oil. It improves the mood by activating the production of endorphins and neutralises the action of free radicals, which are responsible for accelerated ageing of the body.

Firming massage

Focuses primarily on achieving better skin tone, breaking down fat tissue and reducing cellulite. It uses elements of classical massage, but focuses on the buttocks, legs, hips and abdomen. It is relaxing because it involves touch, massage with oils and lotions.

Massage for pregnant women 

Above all, it is supposed to reduce the pains in the neck, nape, shoulders and lumbosacral region of the spine that accompany pregnant women. By stimulating blood and lymph circulation, it reduces swelling.

The group of relaxing massages also includes Thai massage, Balinese massage and herbal stamps.

Thai massage

Known in Thailand for 2,000 years, the massage is performed without the use of oils, with the person being massaged wearing a special, loose-fitting outfit and actively participating in the treatment. The masseur kneads and rubs the body with the hands, elbows and even the feet. You can deeply relax and unwind during the treatment, but you also have to cooperate with the masseur by changing your body position.

Balinese massage

This massage from the Indonesian island of Bali is performed using oils that moisturise the skin and have an extremely pleasant, relaxing scent. In addition, the state of mind is influenced by gentle, relaxing sounds. Blood and lymph flow better during a Balinese massage. After the treatment, not only is the mind relaxed, but also neck, head and muscle pain are reduced, and the skin is regenerated and moisturised.

Massage with herbal stamps

Herbal stem massage is a treatment performed with pouches filled with aromatic herbs, including lemongrass or turmeric. When rubbed, the herbs and spices heat up and begin to release fragrances and oils that affect the skin. A massage with herbal stamps not only relaxes, but also relieves muscle pain.

Relaxation massage – who should it be recommended to?

It is impossible to say who should benefit from a relaxation massage. In fact, everyone can feel its beneficial effects: it takes away stress and calms down internally. Muscle tension is visibly reduced afterwards, which can also help to relieve headaches. Massages are beneficial if you suffer from insomnia, feel tense all the time or have migraines.


Relaxation massage is not a medical procedure, you do not need a referral from a doctor for it, and there are not many contraindications for using it. Any adult who does not have skin problems and is not undergoing intensive medical treatment can choose to visit a massage parlour. At Thai Bali Spa, a chain of massage parlours, you will benefit from Balinese massage, Thai massage, massage for pregnant women or herbal stamps. Professional parlours with Thai massage therapists are available in four locations in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wolomin, Legionowo, Anin, Łomianki and Piaseczno.

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