Thai massage – a good way to relieve back pain


Thai massage is a technique that guarantees an intense sensation, deep relaxation and an effective action to relieve pain of various origins.

Back pain is a problem that more and more people are facing. In addition to strictly medical reasons such as spinal degeneration or discopathy, stressful modern lifestyles are one of the causes. Sitting or standing for long periods of time, as well as inappropriate handling of tasks that require lifting or carrying heavy objects, can also cause pain in the cervical and lumbar spine.

Are back pains hampering your daily life? Find out what the most common causes are and how massages for back pain can help you!

Why does my back hurt?

The pain experienced as back pain or backache can have various causes. These include degeneration and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (bone and muscle) and various injuries. But that’s not all!

Back pain – causes:

  • excessive strain on the spine during daily activities,
  • low physical activity/sedentary lifestyle,
  • prolonged standing (usually work-related),
  • incorrect sleeping position (back pain after a night’s sleep can be a consequence of an ill-fitting mattress and pillow),
  • frequent wearing of unsuitable footwear (shoes with a very high and unstable heel, shoes with a poorly shaped sole),
  • improper lifting of weights/heavy objects and uneven distribution of load (e.g. carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder only),
  • intensive strength training (especially with improperly implemented weightlifting techniques),
  • an improperly balanced diet (nutrient deficiencies can weaken bones and muscles),
  • obesity.

Back pain of varying intensity can also be caused by a stressful lifestyle. This is because high levels of adrenaline cause chronic muscle tension which, in the long term, can lead to degeneration throughout the spine.

Remember that it is worth consulting your doctor or physiotherapist for any back pain. Severe back pain that appears suddenly and has a violent course requires absolute and urgent medical consultation. An orthopaedist should also be consulted if back pain of moderate intensity persists consistently over a long period of time.

The most common spinal disorders

Back pain is often a symptom of postural defects (congenital and acquired) and diseases affecting your body. The conditions that cause back pain can be directly related to the skeletal system or affect other systems (e.g. organs in the abdominal cavity) and give rise to pain symptoms experienced as back pain or spinal pain.

The most commonly diagnosed spinal conditions, strictly related to the musculoskeletal system, include discopathy, sciatica and degenerative changes of the spine.

Discopathy is a degenerative disease of the intervertebral disc (so-called disc) and is one of the most common spinal conditions. The course of the disease is usually a staggered process and at each stage of discopathy development, the patient may experience pain of varying severity.

Among the most characteristic symptoms of discopathy is a sudden pain incident, which is commonly referred to as a ‘disc prolapse’. What actually occurs is a rupture of the fibre ring of the disc. In most cases, the damage heals and heals spontaneously, and the pain gradually decreases.

Various forms of physiotherapy are primarily used to treat the condition, with the aim of strengthening and making the musculoskeletal system more flexible.


The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body, and when it is compressed, it can cause pain of great and very great intensity. Depending on where the nerve is compressed, we can speak of “radiculitis” (pain is felt in the lower back) or sciatica (pain radiates from the lumbosacral region of the spine, through the buttock, thigh and shin to the foot). Patients often observe themselves preceding an attack of sciatica pain with milder lumbar spine pain.

The most common causes of sciatica are degenerative diseases of the spine, which include the discopathy described above.

The immediate treatment of sciatica is to relieve the pain symptoms. The patient should rest in a supine position for 2-4 days and relieve pain with appropriately selected painkillers. Orthopaedic treatment and physiotherapy may be necessary to avoid recurrence.

Degenerative changes of the spine

Degenerative changes of the spine are a broad group of conditions associated with premature wear and tear and deformation of the vertebrae and intervertebral joints. Degenerative changes most commonly involve the cervical and lumbar spine, which can cause head, neck and neck pain, shoulder and shoulder blade pain and low back pain. In advanced conditions, spinal pain can radiate to the arms and legs.

The treatment of spinal degeneration first requires a change in lifestyle, the introduction of physical activity into the daily routine and the optimisation of the diet to provide the body with all the necessary micro and macro components. Physiotherapy and massage, including Thai massage, can also be helpful. Very advanced spinal degeneration may require surgical treatment.

How to deal with back pain with home remedies?

Home remedies for back pain? Pain can be relieved by reaching for commonly available painkillers on an ad hoc basis, taking warm baths and applying cold or warm compresses/plastics.

If back pain occurs in the morning, it is most likely caused by an inappropriate sleeping position. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the mattress and pillow.

In the long term, the implementation of moderate physical activity and regenerative body treatments, such as Thai massage, will provide positive results in terms of pain relief.

Therapeutic massage for back pain

Therapeutic massages are a broad category of treatments aimed at the multidimensional regeneration of the body. Properly performed series of massaging, pressing, rubbing or patting removes muscle tension, deeply relaxes and loosens.

Properly selected massage techniques have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system and can have a wide range of effects, from stress reduction, to improving blood and lymph circulation, to alleviating back pain.

What is a Thai massage? What are the benefits of Thai massage?

The homeland of Thai massage is Thailand, where the technique is known as ‘nuat phaen boran’, or ‘ancient classical massage’. The history of Thai massage is more than 2 000 years old, and in the characteristic movement sequences of this technique we can find elements of yoga, stretching or Japanese Shiatsu massage, among others.

What sets Thai massage apart from other techniques is the active posture of the person being massaged. During the massage, you dynamically cooperate with the masseur/massage therapist by changing the position and position of the limbs. No oils are used during the massage, and the person being massaged may wear light and non-restrictive sportswear. The masseur/massage therapist uses not only his/her hands, but also elbows and feet during the treatment.

What can Thai massage give you? Each session effectively reduces stress, facilitates relaxation and relief from mental and physical fatigue. Here are the most important effects of regularly indulging in this massage technique:

  • improved well-being,
  • improves blood and lymph circulation,
  • improves the efficiency of the body’s toxin removal processes,
  • improvement in the appearance of the skin and reduction in the appearance of cellulite,
  • positive effects on vitality and immunity,
  • intensive stretching and flexibility of muscles and ligaments,
  • improvement of joint mobility,
  • alleviation of muscle and tendon contractures (also post-training in athletes),
  • reduction of tension and migraine headaches,
  • reduction of back pain, especially cervical and lumbar pain.

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Back pain is affecting an increasing number of people. In the case of back pain – which is not directly caused by a serious musculoskeletal disorder – the best way to improve the quality of life is to introduce physical activity and massages into the daily routine.

Thai Bali SPA is a place where Thai massages are performed by experienced specialists, in quiet rooms decorated in an oriental style.

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