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Hot stones massage: benefits and indications for treatment

There are many ways to massage the body, but perhaps none is as associated with warm, heated skin as massaging with hot stones. It is a method that has been known for thousands of years, invented and perfected by the people of the Middle East. After a stone massage, you can feel deeply relaxed, calm and even get rid of a headache or backache!

A stone massage – what does it look like?

A stone massage lasts 60-90 minutes and is a technique used by experienced masseurs. They first select hot, moist stones with a smooth texture and then stroke the skin with them.

During this touch, it is important to feel comfortable. Warm, but not hot. The masseur therefore ensures that the stones are at a temperature that matches the individual sensations of the massage salon client. When the body becomes used to the warmth of the stones, the massage can be performed faster and more firmly. Over time, when the stone has cooled slightly, it is placed on a point on the body chosen by the masseur.

Not only the smooth sides of the stone are used for massage, but also the edges, so that the body can be more affected and pain can be relieved. The stones come in different sizes. The largest are used when massaging the torso – back and abdomen, the smallest when massaging the fingers, toes and also the face.

Hot stone massage – contraindications

Although hot stone massage is pleasant and safe, there are medical conditions and situations when it cannot be performed. First and foremost would be pregnancy. Other massages developed with pregnant women in mind are recommended.

Fever, which results from bacterial and viral infections, should be a reason to postpone the massage until recovery. People with high blood pressure, heart defects, circulatory problems, a tendency to blood clots and varicose veins should also not benefit from a stone massage. Also contraindicated are hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cancer and sensory disorders.

It is better not to have a stone massage when there are cuts or wounds on the skin, when the skin is hypersensitive and prone to allergies. Also, people with intolerance to elevated temperatures should opt for a different type of relaxing treatment.

In case of doubt, it is advisable to consult a doctor or ask the salon staff before signing up for a treatment whether an existing ailment is an obstacle to this type of treatment. A qualified massage therapist should also ask the client about his or her state of health before the treatment.

Hot stone massage – when is it worthwhile?

Hot stone massage is an antidote to tiredness, weakened states and bad moods. It is also a mild but effective remedy for backache, muscle pain and headaches. The hot stone massage is also suitable for periods of chronic stress, as well as for slow metabolism or problems with the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

It will certainly improve your wellbeing in autumn and winter, when you feel chilled out and lack energy to perform.

What does a hot stone massage affect?

A hot stone massage is important for your physical and mental well-being. Among other things, it speeds up blood circulation, which oxygenates the body and provides it with nutrients. A stimulated circulatory system also means a faster metabolism and, consequently, the body effectively gets rid of toxins.

The warm touch of the stones relaxes the muscles, relieves muscle tension and reduces pain. Moving and kneading firms the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The entire treatment, which is carried out in an atmospheric salon with pleasant background music, has a relaxing, calming and calming effect. All these changes can be felt after just a few minutes of massage.

The creators of this oriental technique also believed that the treatment influences the flow of energy in the body in the so-called meridians, or energy channels, and that it unblocks the chakras, the energy centres. According to them, what matters is the arrangement of the stones and the order in which they are moved, in line with the energy points distributed in the body.

However, even people who are not into alternative medicine or esotericism are sure to feel the noticeable benefits of the massage and are happy to return for the treatment on a regular basis, as well as in times of weakness and mood decline.

Preparing for a hot stone massage

You can come for a hot stone massage regardless of the season or day. It does not require any special preparations, except that it is advisable to drink water before and after the treatment, to limit the consumption of hard to digest foods and to refrain from hot baths just before the massage.

In the parlour, where it is pleasantly warm, clothes can be removed. The body is massaged with oil or a special oil that makes the warm stones glide smoothly over the skin. The oils are often fragrant and further warm the skin, while the stones are smooth, very pleasant to the touch and are heated in water up to 50 degrees C.


The benefits of a hot stone massage are so numerous that it is worth opting for the treatment at least once. However, many clients return regularly for further treatments to relieve body pain and stress.

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