Sedentary work mode and back pain. How to deal with it?

Low physical activity, i.e. sitting for many hours and avoiding movement, causes the peri-spinal muscles to atrophy or be weakened. When the back and abdominal muscles do not support the posture properly, significant stresses are placed on the vertebrae and discs of the spine. Hence the reason why back pain is so common in people […]

A massage for two – a great gift idea

What binds a relationship together is sincere conversation, overcoming everyday difficulties together, and spending time together. Massages for two are a special treat not only for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, but for anyone in need of relaxation, rest and respite from everyday chores. Massage for two – why is it worth it? Stress and tension […]

Relaxation massage – what effects does it have?

Relaxation massages can be an effective antidote to everyday worries, constant tension and insomnia. They last for several minutes, but during the treatments you can completely relax. The mind is cleansed, the scents wafting through the parlour affect not only the sense of smell, but also the mind. Sometimes an exotic massage is like being […]

Thai massage – a good way to relieve back pain

Thai massage is a technique that guarantees an intense sensation, deep relaxation and an effective action to relieve pain of various origins. Back pain is a problem that more and more people are facing. In addition to strictly medical reasons such as spinal degeneration or discopathy, stressful modern lifestyles are one of the causes. Sitting […]

Hot stones massage: benefits and indications for treatment

masaż kamieniami

There are many ways to massage the body, but perhaps none is as associated with warm, heated skin as massaging with hot stones. It is a method that has been known for thousands of years, invented and perfected by the people of the Middle East. After a stone massage, you can feel deeply relaxed, calm […]

Balinese massage. What is it and what benefits does it bring?

The massages warm up, stimulate blood flow, relieve body pain and relax. There are different types of massages and this one, originally from Indonesia and specifically from the island of Bali, belongs to relaxation therapies that help to soothe many ailments. It combines elements of reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure and elements of yoga with holistic ayurveda, […]

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